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Lennart Wittberg, Strategist

Author, lecturer, adviser

I am an experienced strategist working with strategic developments with a holistic view. In my opinion, strategic development is about trying to see things as the really are. This means that learning and keeping an open mind is a constant (and fun) endeavour.

Developments are not about finding the optimal tool (it does not exist), it is about understanding your business and your context. My work is based on system thinking and on embracing complexity. All organisations are complex adaptive systems and should be understood as such.

I have worked in the public sector with:

  • New business models based on digitalisation and service dominant logic.
  • Steering and management.
  • Culture change including building trust.
  • Strategies for increasing citizens willingness to follow rules and regulations.

My background is as a strategist at the Swedish Tax Agency. The Tax Agency have during the last decades transformed itself to one of the most trusted and popular government agencies.

I have also worked with other government agencies, in Sweden and abroad, and with the OECD on strategies for tax administrations. I have a long experience working with tax administrations in developing countries.

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Here are some of the publications, available in English, that I have been involved in as an author or as a co-author.