Strategic thinking

Strategic thinking

The art of understanding and making changes

Strategic thinking is difficult, but necessary if you want to understand and change your organisation, your life or perhaps the world.


Strategic thinking is about trying to see the world as it is. But it can only be a never-ending endeavour because no one will ever succeed completely.


Strategic thinking is about learning more about yourself and your way of thinking. You, and I, have prejudices. We need to understand that and work on ourselves in order to help others to change.


Strategic thinking is about taking a step back and try to see underlying patterns. Don’t just focus on the earthquakes, see the movements of the tectonic plates.


Strategic thinking is about understanding how futile forecasting is, and at the same time try to forecast.


Strategic thinking is about understanding and accepting complexity. The world is both complex and complicated, but mostly complex.


Strategic thinking is about system thinking. In a system the whole is of more interest than the parts.

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From the back cover of the book:

Do you want to see and understand the world around you as it really is?

Do you want to have an influence on what is happening in your life or your organisation?

This book offers a way of thinking that makes you better at doing just that. You will learn why predictions are difficult to make, why many companies only survive a short time and why cities seem to be able to live forever.

Lennart Wittberg settles a score with slick tools and methods that promise that everything is possible as long as you follow a simple model. This book challenges conventional thinking and explains why complexity is the best way to address problems.


The book is instructive, it will give you aha moments as well as provoke you.


Lennart Wittberg is an experienced strategist who has pioneered development both nationally and internationally. He has contributed to making the Swedish Tax Agency one of Sweden’s most successful public authorities. Lennart Wittberg describes how everyone can learn how to think more strategically in an easy-to-read and educational way.